How will your business operate? How will the wheels and springs be set in motion? Does every person know their rights and obligations? ambiguousness can create friction and many a times businesses fail due to misunderstandings that spiral out of control. You are smart enough to create a business plan. Take it a step further and let us draft: 

  • Shareholder Agreement

  • Operating Agreement

  • Partnership Agreement 



We clear and register trademarks and copyrights We advise with respect to acquisition strategy for domain names and the interplay between domain names and trademark rights. While we do not do patent work in house, we engage and collaborate with highly skilled, cost effective patent counsel to advise our clients on patent strategy and to draft and file patent applications.

Website and e-commerce issues arise for virtually all of our clients, and our attorneys are well-versed in this rapidly developing area of the law. We routinely advise on issues including development agreements, advertising agreements, hosting contracts, domain names, privacy policies and in the legal issues surrounding contests and games.


Copyright Registration

  • Phone or Skype consultation on registration process

  • Prepare copyright application

  • File copyright application with U.S. Copyright Office

  • Certification of registration issued by U.S. Copyright Office


U.S Trademark Registration

  • Prepare and file federal trademark application with the USPTO

  • Monitor trademark application progress

  • Response to non-substantive office actions (up to 30 minutes)

  • Trademark registration certificate


Comprehensive Trademark Search

  • Comprehensive federal trademark search

  • State trademark search and common law trademark search

  • Phone or Skype consultation detailing search results; or opinion letter detailing search results


Starting a business is as exciting as it is a stressful endeavor. Most Business owners invest hard-earned money, time, energy and resources. Enlisting the help of an attorney who understands the challenges business owners face can help ease the process. At Hamtini Law you will find a business & commercial law attorney who will protect clients' interests as they embark on a new business venture and be a trustworthy guide as their businesses flourish.

  • Incorporation (S Corp / C Corp)

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)

  • Professional Entity 

  • Other Entities 



Effective.  Responsive.  Fluent in the language of business.


At Hamtini Law, we are experienced drafters and negotiators. Business owners regularly enter into various contracts and agreements. Each contract needs careful review and negotiation to ensure it is beneficial to your business. Most contracts can be drafted for the price quoted below. However, if an agreement is complex or requires extensive negotiation or revision, additional fees may apply. Any additional fees will be quoted upfront.  

Licensing & Regulatory Compliance

Licensing is a central issue for many of our clients, and our attorneys have licensing expertise across a diverse spectrum of industries. From IT to mobile media to publishing to biotech, we have a breadth of experience in the nuanced issues that must be addressed and negotiated in order to enable our clients to derive the full benefit from their intellectual property assets. Whether you need Federal Licenses or New York State Licenses and Permits we can help navigate the regulations with ease. 

Franchise Agreements

If you are considering buying a franchise or are considering renewing your franchise, you should have a well-experienced franchise lawyer review the Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD), negotiate the franchise agreement, assess the business, review and negotiate the lease, and provide day-to-day practical advice on how to most effectively launch or continue your business.  Our cumulative experience and particular skill sets brought to the table by our team of attorneys is singularly suited for analyzing franchised business opportunities. We have advised countless individuals and businesses acquiring franchised business opportunities in industries ranging from restaurants to professional cleaning; from high-end fashion to pet food.  In addition, we have worked with numerous franchisors, creating their FDDs and advising them on how to set up their systems. This gives us an important perspective when advising clients looking to buy a franchise.

Our firm’s extensive experience in commercial leasing also enables us to provide advice and services regarding the location of clients’ franchised locations that most franchise attorneys cannot.  With our vast franchise and leasing experience, we can help franchise clients negotiate the best possible lease terms while still satisfying the requirements of the franchisor.

General Contracts

  • Goods Contract 

  • Service Contract


Employment Agreements

  • Employee Non Disclosure Agreement

  • Employment Contract

  • Independent Contractor Contract

  • Employee Non Compete Agreement

  • Severance Agreement

Real Estate Contracts

  • Commercial Lease 

  • Construction Contract

Loan Contracts

  • Promissory Note ​

Internet Contracts

  • Disclaimer

  • Privacy Policy 

  • Terms & Conditions

Contract Drafting, Review, Revision, and Negotiation


Have you been handed a contract and asked to sign but would like clarification on what you are agreeing to? Are you using a contract you wrote yourself and not sure if it provides you with adequate protection? I can help. Send me your document and I will review it, explain it to you in plain English, make suggestions and alterations, and even contact the other party to negotiate.

Need help negotiating a big deal? Contact us today with all the details and find out how we can help.

Commercial Lease Review, Revision, and Negotiation  

Leasing commercial space is a big step for many small businesses. Typically a commercial lease is a long term agreement with many requirements and stipulations. Having unfavorable provisions in the lease or not fully understanding the terms can be costly to a small business. I will review the lease, explain all the details in plain English, make suggestions and alterations and negotiate with the landlord so that you can be sure that when you sign on the dotted line someone is looking out for your best interest.

On Demand In-House Counsel

Successful businesses often want to reduce costs and overhead. Further, smaller businesses simply don't have the means to hire an in house counsel. Yet most business owners frequently have questions or concerns that only an attorney can answer. We are here to help.

With flexible payment plans, and for select clients only. Our law firm can be available whenever you need an attorney. Whether you need a contract reviewed, a negotiation handled, or just have a question, know that your attorney is just a phone call away. And still no surprise bills.

Let’s talk to discuss your needs, how we can help, and work out a price plan for you.



Purchasing an established small business is a great way to be a business owner while minimizing some of the risk associated with a start up. A business with an established product, client base, and brand name will allow you to jump right into operations; no need to create the product or find the loyal clients. However, before buying an ongoing business it is incredibly important to properly research the business. Proper due diligence is the key to a successful transaction. As an experienced New York business acquisition law firm, we will guide you through the process from letter of intent to closing.


  • Initial consultation

  • Draft Letter of Intent

  • Review and negotiation purchase agreement

  • Detailed explanation of purchase agreement

  • Due diligence

  • Lien and judgment check (additional fees may apply)

  • Prepare and review all closing documents

  • Represent buyer at closing


Selling a Business Services include:

  • Initial consultation

  • Prepare Purchase Agreement

  • Detailed explanation of purchase agreement

  • Negotiate with buyer

  • Prepare and review all closing documents

  • Provide escrow service

  • Represent seller at closing



No one starts a company on the lookout for disputes. However, in the world of business, news of shareholder oppression, business disagreements, deadlock, and illegal board conducts are not uncommon. We can help prepare smart exit mechanism to protect your fair share of investment. A list of our services below: 

  • Provide counseling against shareholder oppression

  • Formulate exit strategies or mechanism

  • Facilitate exit negotiations

  • Arrange buy-out solutions

  • Plan for ownership transfer or succession

  • Adjust business organizations or structures

  • Procure fair valuations of business contributions/interests

  • Perform detailed documentation review

  • Analyze business history for breach, fraud, and misrepresentations

  • Assist with shareholder freeze-out or squeeze-out

  • Handle fraud on the minority and ownership issues


Raising funds is probably one of the biggest headaches for start-up companies. The process involves many considerations: you should ask which investors to give equity to, what percentage of the company ownership to offer, what form of investments to use, what rules of securities law may be triggered, etc. We can help you navigate these questions and more. Schedule a free consultation today.




Commercial & Residential Real Estate Law 


Real Estate Leasing

Leases may carry a variety of business and legal risks. A well-negotiated lease can save time and money. Many lease and sublease transactions require an assessment and allocation of costs, benefits and risks. Our firm has the experience, market knowledge and business savvy to help clients sort through the competing claims of leasing brokers, dense leasing documents, and complex construction and development issues. We also understand the need to negotiate and document the transaction quickly, while minimizing the client’s legal and business risks.

Real Estate Finance

Our firm helps clients understand and assess available real estate finance options for various costs, benefits, and risks to choose the one that best suits their business needs. We advise clients on traditional mortgage loans, mortgage securitizations, bank syndications, off-balance sheet financing, interest rate swaps and other derivatives, and bond market financing. We also help owners and developers restructure and refinance borrowing entities. We help resolve disputes among partners or shareholders.



  • Cooperative Apartments 

  • Condominium Units

  • Single Family Homes

  • Multi-family Homes

  • REO Properties

  • 1031 Exchange

  • Short Sale

  • Sale in lieu of Foreclosure

  • Deed Transfers

  • Title Issues​


For us, practicing law is more than a profession - it’s a passion. We’re committed not only to solving legal issues, but also to helping clients avoid pitfalls and overcome any obstacles in order to truly thrive. Our comprehensive, personalized and reliable counsel covers a wide range of business and business immigration practice areas, ensuring support for each unique case. Whether you are a startup entrepreneur or a foreign investor, you would want us on your side. 

We offer many of our legal services at a reasonable and competitive flat fee, which means you will know the cost upfront, with no surprises later. We believe law should be accessible to everyone and a lawyer should be there when you need him/her. We love to see our clients succeed because we grow with our clients as a law firm. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your business.


 What sets us apart from the competition is our consistency, patience and professionalism, we give each new case the attention it deserves. An integral part of our services is to work closely with our clients so that they can make the right decisions with respect to their legal needs. Experienced and compassionate, our legal professionals add the personal touch our clients deserve while approaching each new case with the attention it needs. Our clients count on us to stand by their side, get their voice heard and guide them through the most difficult situations.

Our attorneys have been involved in many businesses and  have firsthand experience of the issues clients face when start and operate their own business. We work regularly with small startups, including Internet-based businesses, handling everything from business entity formation to ensuring all necessary contracts are in place. Our goal is to set your business up for success. We provide legal counsel to clients who are interested in buying or selling an existing business. Whether your matter involves business and commercial law or contract law and trademark law. We have a great understanding of how businesses operate and the roadblocks business owners may face. We will clearly explain the intricacies of business and commercial law matters, so that you understand how the law affects your business.

 As our client’s trusted ally, we build a strong relationship and collaboratively decide on the right solution to move forward. To put it simply - you can rely on us to be there for you when you need it most. That is why most of our clients are referred to us from former and present clients. We aim to help people, therefore we keep our professional fees reasonable.





  • Served as a special in-house litigation counsel to a multibillion dollar law suit commenced in federal court in the Eastern District of New York. The litigation was brought by thousands of plaintiffs under the Anti-Terrorism Act and the Alien Tort Claims Act and was among the largest and most complicated matters pending in the U.S. courts. The case involved complex issues of both foreign and domestic law. The litigation has been decided favorably for the Bank by the U.S. Supreme Court. Liaised with outside counsel and top management.

  • Experience negotiating and drafting over one billion dollars worth of agreements. Successfully oversaw the negotiation and drafting of numerous multi-million dollar commercial agreements & software licenses with multi-national companies. Drafting and review of requests for proposal (RFPs) and requests for information (RFI).

  • Advised on and managed numerous international litigation, including commercial disputes, arbitration, employment claims and litigation, across various diverse and international jurisdictions such as United States of America, MENA region and Far Asia. 


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