“It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change.” - Charles Darwin 

Adapt with the innovative legal solutions.

  • Served as a special in-house litigation counsel to a multibillion dollar law suit commenced in federal court in the Eastern District of New York. The litigation was brought by thousands of plaintiffs under the Anti-Terrorism Act and the Alien Tort Claims Act and was among the largest and most complicated matters pending in the U.S. courts. The case involved complex issues of both foreign and domestic law. The litigation has been decided favorably for the Bank by the U.S. Supreme Court. Liaised with outside counsel and top management.

  • Experience negotiating and drafting over one billion dollars worth of agreements. Successfully oversaw the negotiation and drafting of numerous multi-million dollar commercial agreements & software licenses with multi-national companies. Drafting and review of requests for proposal (RFPs) and requests for information (RFI).

  • Advised on and managed numerous international litigation, including commercial disputes, arbitration, employment claims and litigation, across various diverse and international jurisdictions such as United States of America, MENA region and Far Asia. 

"Passionate and dedicated. It was obvious that this attorney genuinely  cared about my best interest".

                                                                   - Jorge V.

"Very knowledgeable and professional. The  attorney took the time to really understand all aspects of my case. He listened and listened and then he took the time to explain all the options I had. I would definitely recommend him in heartbeat".

                                                                  - Baha'a S.

"It was a pleasure dealing with them. I love how I was kept updated on my case. All my calls were returned promptly".

                                                                  - Median H.

"Applying for an E 2 Visa. I was guided through the process in a simple and straightforward way."

                                                                  -  Karina L.

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