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Hamtini Law is a boutique law firm that focuses its practice on areas of the law that directly affect businesses. As tenacious litigators and savvy transactional attorneys, we represent and provide cost-effective and innovative legal solutions to a wide range of clients from start-ups to technology companies to financial services entities to food & hospitality entities as well as commercial entities across the entire supply chain of goods from manufacturers to importers to wholesalers to retailers.

Our Practice Areas
Litigation & Transactional  Law


Business Law

From the moment a business is formed, and throughout its life cycle, there are legal issues that must be addressed.  Business law is not one area of law, but many areas that govern a company’s formation, operation, contracts, financing, intellectual property, litigation, securities and even insolvency.  Businesses and their owners require legal advisors who understand their needs and can help them achieve their objectives, protect their assets and avoid common pitfalls.


Real Estate Law

We handle real estate transactions and real estate litigation for both commercial landlords and commercial tenants, sellers of real property and purchasers of real property. Having the experience of negotiating both sides of these agreements and litigating for both sides, gives Hamitni Law an advantage of knowing the strengths and weaknesses of both sides of an argument and using that knowledge to form successful strategies. This gives our clients the winning edge.


Trademark Law

At Hamtini Law, we are experienced in registering, maintaining, and defending trademarks. Offering a full range of trademark services, we assist clients with safeguarding their brands nationwide at every stage of business development. From trademark registration, office action responses, trademark renewals, and trademark litigation, we have helped numerous clients protect the brands that they put years of effort into building.


 Employment Law

In the current business climate of New York, many employers increasingly face the costly and unfortunate realty of employment related litigation. At Hamtini Law, we recognize the frustration and disillusionment caused by these employment lawsuits and investigations. We are fully aware of the circumstances and understand the pressures that you face. Therefore, we offer affordable legal representation with flexible billing options.  

Law court
Introducing our law firm

Walk with the dreamers,
the believers,
the courageous,
the cheerful,
the planners, the doers,
the successful people with their
heads in the clouds and their feet
on the ground.
Let their spirit ignite a fire within
you to leave this world better
than when you found it.


Sunset Over Manhattan

Founded in 2017,
Hamtini Law serves as outside general counsel for various commercial enterprises. 

Introducing Our
Law Firm

For us, practicing law is more than a profession - it’s a passion. We’re committed not only to solving legal issues, but also to helping clients avoid pitfalls and overcome any obstacles in order to truly thrive. Our comprehensive, personalized and reliable counsel covers a wide range of business practice areas, ensuring support for each unique case. Whether you are a startup entrepreneur or a foreign investor, you would want us on your side. 

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