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02. Real Estate Law

Real Estate Litigation

In New York City real estate, commercial transactions and corporate disputes, the best laid plans often go awry. Litigation, in all of its forms, is a critical component of our practice. Hamtini Law’s litigation attorneys are tenacious and experienced in complex litigation and alternative dispute resolution.

Whether it is a simple collections case or a multifaceted commercial action, we are skilled in every phase of the litigation process. From case intake to the notice stage, from discovery to early trial planning, and from trial to final judgment, our attorneys are aggressive advocates. And when a case is settled, we know how to ensure that the settlement protects our clients.

As a firm we have developed a wide range of experience in real estate law, contract and corporate disputes, specific performance, business torts, construction litigation, RPAPL 881 access, cooperative and condominium disputes, general commercial litigation, title insurance claims, Yellowstone injunctions, deposit disputes, asset management disputes, commercial lease disputes and any other dispute related to real estate.

Commercial Real Estate  

For many businesses, real estate and construction is their central focus. For others, real estate comprises one of their largest expenses and a large source of liability exposure. We are highly skilled commercial real estate lawyers who can help clients with commercial real estate, to acquire, finance it, dispose of it, or manage it during and after occupancy. 
Along with their other needs, clients rely upon our practical but focused approach and ability to manage the spectrum of legal, business, and financial details. The transactions range from an Office lease to 1031 exchanges. 


Real Estate Leasing

Leases may carry a variety of business and legal risks. A well-negotiated lease can save time and money. Many lease and sublease transactions require an assessment and allocation of costs, benefits and risks. Our firm has the experience, market knowledge and business savvy to help clients sort through the competing claims of leasing brokers, dense leasing documents, and complex construction and development issues. We also understand the need to negotiate and document the transaction quickly, while minimizing the client’s legal and business risks.

Real Estate Finance.
Our firm helps clients understand and assess available real estate finance options for various costs, benefits, and risks to choose the one that best suits their business needs. We advise clients on traditional mortgage loans, mortgage securitizations, bank syndications, off-balance sheet financing, interest rate swaps and other derivatives, and bond market financing. We also help owners and developers restructure and refinance borrowing entities. We help resolve disputes among partners or shareholders.

Residential Real Estate

The practice includes both transactional and institutional representation of clients in areas such as cooperative apartment purchases, condominium purchases, including new construction of single-family homes and condominium development, residential single and multiple family home purchases and sales.
  • Cooperative Apartments 

  • Condominium Units

  • Single Family Homes

  • Multi-family Homes

  • REO Properties

  • Short Sale

  • Sale in lieu of Foreclosure

  • Deed Transfers

  • Title Issues​

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