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Practice Areas

01. Business & Commercial Law

Business / Commercial Litigation & Disputes 

 Business law will focus on the day to day facets of running a business concentrating on state and federal laws. While commercial law relies on the 1958 Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), which has been adopted within all fifty states, District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands. The UCC facilitates commerce among the States providing uniform rules. It directs all sales and commercial business across the States. It is designed to protect consumers of unlawful business practice in the United States. Where business and commercial intermix is during the negotiating and litigating with business contracts; employment agreements and intellectual property.

Shareholder Disputes

No one starts a company on the lookout for disputes. However, in the world of business, news of shareholder oppression, business disagreements, deadlock, and illegal board conducts are not uncommon. We can help prepare smart exit mechanism to protect your fair share of investment. A list of our services below: 

  • ​Provide counseling against shareholder oppression

  • Formulate exit strategies or mechanism

  • Facilitate exit negotiations

  • Arrange buy-out solutions

  • Plan for ownership transfer or succession

  • Adjust business organizations or structures

  • Procure fair valuations of business contributions/interests

  • Perform detailed documentation review

  • Analyze business history for breach, fraud, and misrepresentations

  • Assist with shareholder freeze-out or squeeze-out

  • Handle fraud on the minority and ownership issues

Licensing & Regulatory Compliance 

Licensing is a central issue for many of our clients, and our attorneys have licensing expertise across a diverse spectrum of industries. From IT to mobile media to publishing to biotech, we have a breadth of experience in the nuanced issues that must be addressed and negotiated in order to enable our clients to derive the full benefit from their intellectual property assets. Whether you need Federal Licenses or New York State Licenses and Permits we can help navigate the regulations with ease. 

Commerical Agreements Review, Revision, and Negotiation  

Contract Drafting, Review, Revision, and Negotiation

Have you been handed a contract and asked to sign but would like clarification on what you are agreeing to? Are you using a contract you wrote yourself and not sure if it provides you with adequate protection? I can help. Send me your document and I will review it, explain it to you in plain English, make suggestions and alterations, and even contact the other party to negotiate.​ At Hamtini Law, we are experienced drafters and negotiators. Business owners regularly enter into various contracts and agreements. Each contract needs careful review and negotiation to ensure it is beneficial to your business. Most contracts can be drafted for a reasonable flat fee. However, if an agreement is complex or requires extensive negotiation or revision, additional fees may apply. Any additional fees will be quoted upfront.  

Franchise Agreements
If you are considering buying a franchise or are considering renewing your franchise, you should have a well-experienced franchise lawyer review the Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD), negotiate the franchise agreement, assess the business, review and negotiate the lease, and provide day-to-day practical advice on how to most effectively launch or continue your business.  Our cumulative experience and particular skill sets brought to the table by our team of attorneys is singularly suited for analyzing franchised business opportunities. We have advised countless individuals and businesses acquiring franchised business opportunities in industries ranging from restaurants to professional cleaning; from high-end fashion to pet food.  In addition, we have worked with numerous franchisors, creating their FDDs and advising them on how to set up their systems. This gives us an important perspective when advising clients looking to buy a franchise.
Our firm’s extensive experience in commercial leasing also enables us to provide advice and services regarding the location of clients’ franchised locations that most franchise attorneys cannot.  With our vast franchise and leasing experience, we can help franchise clients negotiate the best possible lease terms while still satisfying the requirements of the franchisor.

General Contracts

  • Goods Contract 

  • Service Contract


Loan Contracts

  • Promissory Note 

Internet Contracts

  • Disclaimer

  • Privacy Policy 

  • Terms & Conditions


On Demand General Counsel

​Successful businesses often want to reduce costs and overhead. Further, smaller businesses simply don't have the means to hire an in house counsel. Yet most business owners frequently have questions or concerns that only an attorney can answer. We are here to help.

With flexible payment plans, and for select clients only. Our law firm can be available whenever you need an attorney. Whether you need a contract reviewed, a negotiation handled, or just have a question, know that your attorney is just a phone call away. And still no surprise bills.

Let’s talk to discuss your needs, how we can help, and work out a price plan for you.

Mergers & Acquisitions

​Purchasing an established small business is a great way to be a business owner while minimizing some of the risk associated with a start up. A business with an established product, client base, and brand name will allow you to jump right into operations; no need to create the product or find the loyal clients. However, before buying an ongoing business it is incredibly important to properly research the business. Proper due diligence is the key to a successful transaction. As an experienced New York business acquisition law firm, we will guide you through the process from letter of intent to closing.


  • Initial consultation

  • Draft Letter of Intent

  • Review and negotiation purchase agreement

  • Detailed explanation of purchase agreement

  • Due diligence

  • Lien and judgment check (additional fees may apply)

  • Prepare and review all closing documents

  • Represent buyer at closing

Selling a Business Services include:

  • Initial consultation

  • Prepare Purchase Agreement

  • Detailed explanation of purchase agreement

  • Negotiate with buyer

  • Prepare and review all closing documents

  • Provide escrow service

  • Represent seller at closing

Business Formation, Funding & Structure

Business Formation
Starting a business is as exciting as it is a stressful endeavor. Most Business owners invest hard-earned money, time, energy and resources. Enlisting the help of an attorney who understands the challenges business owners face can help ease the process. At Hamtini Law you will find a business & commercial law attorney who will protect clients' interests as they embark on a new business venture and be a trustworthy guide as their businesses flourish.

  • Incorporation (S Corp / C Corp)

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)

  • Professional Entity 

  • Other Entities 

Funding Startups   
Raising funds is probably one of the biggest headaches for start-up companies. The process involves many considerations: you should ask which investors to give equity to, what percentage of the company ownership to offer, what form of investments to use, what rules of securities law may be triggered, etc. We can help you navigate these questions and more. Schedule a free consultation today.

Business Structure 
How will your business operate? How will the wheels and springs be set in motion? Does every person know their rights and obligations? ambiguousness can create friction and many a times businesses fail due to misunderstandings that spiral out of control. You are smart enough to create a business plan. Take it a step further and let us draft: 

  • Shareholder Agreement

  • Operating Agreement

  • Partnership Agreement 

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