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3030 Northern Blvd, Suite 401

Long Island City, NY 11101

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Tel : 718.440.3396 / Fax : 718.480.1817

  • The contact forms on this website should not be used to provide confidential or sensitive information about your legal matter.

  • Neither use of this website to contact the Law Offices of Faris S. Hamtini, P.C., nor your receipt of information from this website creates an attorney-client relationship between you and the Law Offices of Faris S. Hamtini, P.C.. Unsolicited Contact submissions/emails do not create an attorney-client relationship and confidential or sensitive information included in such messages cannot be protected from disclosure.

  • An attorney-client relationship can only be created by the mutual assent of both parties, only after a personal consultation, and only after a conflict-of-interest check has been completed.​

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